Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walker Tavern and Corset update

I was going to make this post and the flower-language one a single post, but it was too picture-heavy and the formatting couldn't take it, so I split it up. :) Read on for part 2!

Today I went to Walker Tavern. It's a bit of a drive, but it was a lovely day, so I didn't really mind. The weather was just perfect, just windy enough to keep the sun from being too hot without it being to chilly.

Just a reminder, you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.
The grounds

The Tavern itself!

Part of the civilian camp

Unfortunately, the Tavern was closed. I'm not sure why. Renovations maybe? Or perhaps, since it was built in the 1840's, it was simply too delicate to let large hordes of people come tramping through. I'll have to look up why. I would have liked to see inside.

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On another note a busk and the boning for my corset came in the mail Saturday! Yippee! It was so much fun to open, all wrapped up in tissue paper and a red ribbon. It was almost like a present. :) I decided to go with spiral boning all the way around except for the two 1/2" bones in back nearest the grommets, which are plain steel. Now just to get some two-piece grommets... 

I can't wait to sew on my corset again. I haven't sewn anything lately because I've been on a stand-still with my corset and with my pleated shorts I'm at the cutting out stage. Cutting out involves laying the fabric on the floor and pinning all the pieces to it before you can even think of cutting it. The aforementioned floor is one half of a much-used bedroom, which certainly doesn't help. When I get my own house someday, I'm going to have a room set aside for sewing, and sewing only. :)

Also, thank you all kindly for the 1,000 page views! Wow! I feel very honored.

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  1. Nice photos. Bummer about the tavern being closed. Can't wait to see the corset finished! ;)