Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gilmore Car Museum

First off, just a quick note. I got my shorts cut out. Now just to draw all the lines on them for the pleating... Also, my corset has about 3/4 of the boning casings on it.

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This Tuesday, we took a half day in school and went to go visit the Gilmore Car museum. Our membership is going to run out in June, so we decided to go one more time. It was a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for walking around the grounds. I realized when I got home I took more pictures of flowers than I did cars. :)

Look at this wheel! Why don't we have pretty wheels like this anymore?
Can you tell I like wheels? :)

As our family, (at least the girls) are quite in love with the show Downton Abbey, we were walking around trying to figure out what kind of car people from the show might have driven.

I believe this one is a 1908 Packard.
I forget what year this car was. 1920's? It's my favorite.

Who doesn't want a car that's Super Charged?

I don't remember the year on this one either. '40's maybe?
 My favorite spot on the grounds is the Shell gas station, set up like a gas station from the 1930's. Everything in it is Shell-related.

'Our restrooms are certified for your health, cleanliness, safety.'

The pretty lilacs outside one of the buildings.

My favorite of the ads from old magazines. 
The cool thing was, since they are going to open a new exhibit on the Model-A, they had clothing from the 1920's on display as well, which of course, was my favorite part. :)

The dress on the left was divine. Some sort of patterned velvet.
Wedding dress of a lady I can't remember the name of. After her honeymoon, it was put in a box and forgotten about until recently, so it is in excellent shape.
A tulip that was on the grounds...that doesn't really look like a tulip.


  1. Looks like fun. Love your photos, they are wheely nice! LOL
    p.s. The 20's rock!

    1. LOL '20's are nice, but I'm going to have to stick with the 1800's. :)