Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bowens Mill

This previous weekend, myself and some of the family headed over to Bowens Mill, for one of the last reenactments of the year. Bowens Mill is a working 1864 Grist Mill and Cider Mill. The site has 19 acres of beautiful wooded property, along with several historic buildings. They have an 1850's schoolhouse, an 1840's house, several log cabins, and the beautiful 1860's Bowens' house, which is still in use today.

The weather was a bit on the chilly side. I wore my bonnet, but I almost could have worn my hood. The majority of the trees had turned, making for some lovely scenery!

The inside of the mill and the knowledgable miller! He ground some corn into cornmeal while we watched, as well as giving us an overview of how the mill worked.
The lovely hitching post

Here you can see another view of my bonnet, a pair of cute little ponies, and the gray yarn that I purchased. I think a pair of proper garters will be first on my list of things to knit!

The 1860's (built and furnished) Bowens' house was also open for touring.
This is how my dream home will look someday...

I had a very fun summer of reenacting. I can say that I am most definitely hooked! I finished a complete set of undergarments, a bonnet and a winter hood, as well as taking apart my bodice and re-fitting it. I still need to take the top of skirt up another inch or two to get my waistline sitting at the proper height, but that can wait until the winter months. 
My cringe worthy, pre-reenacting picture on the left, and the result of a season of reenactments on the right. I, for one, am quite pleased with how far I've come. I hope next year will be just as productive!

The next post will be a peek at my next 1860's work dress! (Or slat bonnet, or apron, depending on which I start on first.) My Halloween costume will make an appearance as well.