Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas at the Park

Note: Due to a massive ice-storm this last week here in Michigan which included taking out our power for four days, my posting of this has been delayed. Also, I procrastinate badly. :) At long last, here it is!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you and all your family and friends are well this holiday season. Please stay safe in your travels and best of wishes to you for the new year!

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year. The snow is falling down outside while the woodstove keeps us warm indoors. The Christmas tree is up and decorated, and the stockings are hung. However, one shouldn't stay inside eating Christmas cookies all day, so what better place to visit than Charlton Park?

Their annual event, Of Christmas Past, is one of my favorite times to visit during the year. The whole village is decorated, and with the snow gracefully making its way down out of the sky, it is truly beautiful.

The store fronts are ready to receive any last-minute shoppers.
The general store has everything you need to prepare Christmas dinner. Note the Bowens Mills flour.

If you still need a present or two, there are still a few things left in the store...

The Sixberry House is a good place to warm up - plus they have cookies baked in the kitchen wood-stove!

The cobwebs were strung in the parlor with care, in hopes that Christmas guests would soon be there...

The cobweb game is simple - you receive one end of a string, then you follow it around the room to the end where you find a small prize.

The perfect spot to curl up with a good book

The Bristol Inn

 The blacksmith's shop is on the left (red building), with the carpenter's on the right. They both had demonstrations going on. The carpenter's had a working 1840's lathe that was very interesting to see!

The Lee School, circa 1869

I thought these were interesting. Once again, you can click on them to make them bigger. 

That's it for the pictures. Have a very Happy New Year!

(This picture is not from the most recent ice storm. We had a good bit more ice than in the picture - I just wanted to add that.)


  1. Interesting how male teachers were allowed one evening to 'court' while female teachers would be dismissed if they marry. :-)

    1. And if they were a regular church-goer, they'd get two evenings! :)


  2. Such bizarre rules! The woman teacher has to stay home all evening, can't be in the company of she a nun or a teacher? LOL and yet this is so opposite for male teachers! It's also interesting to see that they were responsible for cleaning chimneys, etc.... very different from our teachers today!