Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Trip to Jackson and a Sneak Peak!

It is said that the Jackson reenactment at Cascades park is the biggest in Michigan. After going there this weekend, I believe it! Mom, myself and a sister headed over on Saturday to spend the day. The weather never got above 80 degrees, which, combined with the light breeze which blew for most of the day, made it quite pleasant.

We started out shopping at the many sutlers that frequent the event. I picked up a bonnet pattern and straw braiding as well as a pair of lace gloves to wear with my 1910's outfit. We paused in our shopping to listen to the 5th Michigan's band playing several period songs in the clearing between sutlers.

Then it was time for the battle. Jackson is a much bigger event that any I have ever been to, so it was interesting to see the sheer numbers of reenactors who took part in the battle. Saturday was the battle of Chancellorsville. 

The smoke after a cannon fired.

Smoke ring!

Horses in one of the camps.
Union artillery on the hill after the battle.
An 1860's baseball game was played in the afternoon between a professional team and a group of soldiers and civilians. There was a gentleman who explained the rules of the game and commented on the various plays that were made. It was very informative and entertaining to watch! A few of the more mentionable differences are that no one uses a glove, a ball that bounces once on the ground and is caught is considered an out, and you can't over-run first base. 

Civil War reenactors have some of the best facial hair! :)
The two teams
And finally, here's how I did my hair. It's a bit messy, because it was the end of the day and it was starting to come out. 

The next event I am planning on attending will be at the Van Raalte farm in Holland the weekend of September 7th - 8th, followed by Historic Fort Wayne the weekend after, then Wolcott Mill and Bowens Mill in October. Who ever said Jackson was the last event of the year?! :)

All pictures taken by Hannah

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And now the sneak peak you've all been waiting for. I have decided on my Halloween costume for this year! Whatever could I be making?


  1. Nice post; Jackson was fun. You should credit the photographer who captured that nice cannon smoke ring. ;)
    Love the hair and can I guess on your costume? LOL

  2. "votes for women", suffragettes!