Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Trip to the Bernard Historical Museum

Sunday morning saw us heading to the Bernard Historical Museum about thirty minutes away from us. While the museum grounds are small, they have seven or eight buildings clustered together and have made use of nearly all the the available space. They have a nice collection of everyday items - my favorite kind! :)

A replica kitchen was one of the first rooms we came across. 

In it were some canned cherries...
'These cherries were canned in or before 1891.'
A lovely dress from the 19-teens or slightly before, I'm guessing.
A huge hat pin that must have been two inches across!
An amazingly plaid bustle dress! Even the bodice is a tiny plaid!

This was about a third of their collection of arrowheads.
A lovely carved wall pocket.
Wall pockets were a handy way to keep your paper or magazines handy, yet off the floor and furniture. I think they sound very handy and I would love to find one!

Radios from the 1930's - 1940's
Magazines showing the latest styles. I'll take one of everything please!
Different types of barbed wire.
Those were a small selection of all they had on display. We had a guided tour of all the buildings, the blacksmith's, the general store, the school house (where we even got to ring the bell!) and the rest of the buildings. I think with twice or thrice as much space as they have now, they could have amazing displays of the most important part of American life - the home.


  1. Nice post, but where is the hair wreath? LOL And give me a big bowl of those 120+YO cherries please! ;)

    1. Somehow I missed taking a picture of it! :O I would like to try one of the cherries just to see if they're still good...

  2. Yes, I plan to be at Charlton park inside the Sixberry House on Saturday - attempting a 1st person day there. Come and visit!