Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big hats!

Recently, I have been looking for a hat to trim with silk flowers and ribbon to wear with my 1910's blouse and skirt. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find one I like. However, I have found lots of lovely hat pictures! :) I wish people wore more hats these days. It really completes your outfit. The following are some of my favorite pictures. (In the captions are comments or all the information I know about the picture.)

This is my ideal hat. (And that dress isn't bad either!)

I like the hat on the left especially.
Isn't it grand? *happy sigh*
 I have never worn a hat this big, but I wouldn't think they are that heavy. Most hats of the early 1900's were trimmed with feathers. They may look tall and/or wide, but it's all float-y feathers and ribbon and gauze. You would pin your hat onto your hair, so it couldn't be heavy or it would smash your Gibson Girl hairdo. :)

Ostrich feathers!
Genevieve Lantelme, 1905
This is one of my very favorites - Lillian Russell. (probably 1890's, based on her sleeves)
Bird Milman
Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii, 1890's.
Mary Weston
Nina Napier
Gaby Deslys

Princess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, 1910
Even young girls wore hats! Paris, June 4th, 1906.
Another one of my favorite pictures.
If you've ever wondered how a spoon-busked corset makes someone's posture, here you have it.
Miss Lily Elsie
Madeleine Celiat
So there you have it. Lots of feathers and flowers. I've bought some silk flowers for mine, partly because I like them and partly because ostrich feathers are way too pricey to cover a whole hat in. ;) I will keep looking, but there is no where online that I've found that sells untrimmed 1900's hats, except for boaters, but those aren't as big as what I'd like. I might resort to buying straw braid and sewing my own hat if I can't find anything.

Hope you are having a lovely week!


  1. Have you tried here for ostrich feathers:

    Or how about ebay?
    (There are lots on eBay)

    -Aunt E

    1. I hadn't thought of ebay! Thanks! :)


  2. Nice post. Lovely hats, I can see why they needed hat pins! I think EBay has some good feather options for you. And remind me not to sit behind you in church. ;)

    1. Yes, especially if it was windy! I will look on ebay for feathers. :)


  3. Lovely! Personally I'm thinking about doing a 1912 dress...


  4. Nice chapeaus!