Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Women Will Never Be Great Until They Wear More Clothes"

I found this article from 1917 and thought it still rings true today.

“Women never will be great until they quit giving so much attention to clothes.” Who says so? Ethel Leginska.
The famous pianist has eschewed the evening gown, and now wears a blouse and skirt in public. This makes a striking combination with her pianist head of hair, which she wore bobbed before ever that style became the fashion in the movies and Bohemia.
“Men wear practically a uniform,” says Leginska. “Why shouldn’t women?”
“What is clothing, except something to keep you warm? Modern women’s clothes don’t even do that. Women make themselves almost naked to attract men.
“Their dress, or lack of it, is killing women in New York today. I know of society girls who have died recently of nothing but exposure caused by insufficient clothing.”

Kind of sounds like now, doesn't it? Except for the part about dying from exposure. :) I wish I could see what they considered "naked." Somehow, I think it would still be more covering than what girls wear at the beach today...

Here's the original article, if you're interested:

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